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Annual Development Program 2018-19 

Development Releases 2017-18 (upto 16.03.2018) 

Quarterly Report July 2017 to December 2017 
Budget Strategy Paper 2018-21
Annual Progress on PFM AP for the year 2017-18
Annual Progress report regarding PFM startegy 2016-17
Sindh Debt Bulletin 30 June 2017
Budget Speech 2017-18 
Quarterly Report July 2017 to September 2017
Budget Call Circular Sindh 2018-19
Budget Call Circular Sindh 2018-19 (Forms)
Budget at a Glance 2017-18
Annual Budget Statements 2017-18
Annual Development Program 2017-18
Budget Analysis 2016-17
Budget Strategy Paper 2016-19
Budget Strategy Paper 2015-18
Short listing of EOIs for "third party validation of project results" - Sindh Public Sector Management Reforms Project - IDA-5584-PK
Budget Strategy Paper 2017-18 to 2019-20 
Data Sheet for "Third Party Validation of Project Results (Performance Audit)
ToRs for “Third-Party Validation” of SPSMRP, IDA Credit # 5584-PK
Short listing of EOIs " Conduct Pilot Construction Quality Monitoring" 
Contract for "Explore alternative survey methodologies in Sukkur, conduct property and professional tax survey and develop provincial digitization model"
Short listing of EOIs for "Establishment of Internal Audity Function in GoS"
Data Sheet for EOIs for "Conduct pilot construction quality monitoring in two Districts in Sindh"
Request for Expression of Interest for Construction Quality
ToRs for Construction Quality Monitoring in two Districts
Working Paper - Smart Phone based construction monitoring
Addendum for health insurance services for the Sindh Secretriat employees
Developing training modules in alignment with SPPRAs training strategy and review, updation and preparation of procurement documents
SAP User Manual for Budget and Budget Execution and Reporting
Brief on Internal Audit
List of Funds 2016-17
List of Fund Centers 2016-17
Internal Audit Charter - Government of Sindh
New Entity Element Financial Year 2016-17
Data Sheet of EOIs "Establishment of Internal Audit Functions in Govt of Sindh"
Request for EOI for Establishment of Internal Audit Functions in Govt. of Sindh
Terms of Reference for hiring of firm for Establishment of Internal Audit Functions in Govt. of Sindh
Revision of Pay Scales  to Civil Servants of Govt. of Sindh 2016
Budget at a Glance 2016-17 
Knowledge sharing session on budget process with Parliamentarians
Outreach program for members of Sindh Assembly
Data Sheet and Minutes of meeting of "Consultant Selection Committee"
Revised EOI and TORs (Developing training module in aligmnet with SPPRAs training strategy)
Evaluation Result of Expression of Interests for "Development of ADP
Monitoring Dashboard for Government of Sindh" TA component IDA 5584-PK
Public Financial Management Reform Action Plan
Complaint Redressal Committee for grievances regarding procurement of consultancy services/good under TA component for IDA Credit 5584-PK
Grant of medical allowance to civil pensioners in Sindh
Workshop on information systems for improving departmental performance
Public Financial Management Reform Strategy
Sindh Tax Revenue Mobilization Plan 2014-2019