Introduction is the official website of the Finance Department, Government of Sindh providing financial and other linked government information and services through the Internet, is maintained by the Computer Cell, Resources Wing, Finance Department, and Government of Sindh.

Functional Capabilities of Website

Based on the vision and objectives identified above, the website will have the following functional capabilities:

  • Citizens will be able to easily find information and services through a well-developed menu structure, easy-to-use, advanced search facility.
  • The website has been designed using latest web technologies, with the concept that ultimately it will be a fully interactive web site capable of handling on-line processing and financial transactions.
  • The website will enable convenient, low cost, high value, reliable and high quality services to the public as well as officials of the government.
  • It will easier for citizens to participate in government working, if they desire to do so.
  • The information and services content has been integrated packaged and presented in a manner that minimizes cost to the government and the citizen who is accessing it.
  • The website design should provide acceptable performance. The design is simple, with minimum graphics.
  • The website complies with international web standards.
  • It is capable of personalized service delivery.

The updating of information placed on the Website

This website is enabling to regular updating of information to facilitate the citizens and other government entities.  

Benefits of the Website

The benefits of the website are:

  • Enhance the Finance Department, Government of Sindh’s image in the other Government institutions and image in the eyes of the citizen and foreign investors in Sindh.
  • Information dissemination to the citizens and strengthen the relationship between people and the state through greater participation.
  • Increase collaboration between government organizations and ensure consistency in government communications.
  • Benefits to citizens to know the information related Taxes and Non-Taxes Rates to payout proper charges to government entities.
  • Submitted all budgetary proposal i.e. Receipts, Non-Development and Development through prescribed BCC/BM-II as available on this website.
  • Framework for budgetary making process within the provincial departments.
  • Reduce the interaction time of government employees with citizens and yet be productive in delivering service to the citizen.
  • Online quarries from the officers of the Finance Department, Government of Sindh through E-mail services. 
  • Create an IT aware culture in government employees.
  • Transfer of technology and skills for independently operating the website after the implementing service provider departments from the website.

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